Internet technologies have significantly transformed the way business operates by incorporating eSolutions to core business processes to achieve real business value. The web has become a necessary medium and platform for business enterprises, both big and small, to communicate seamlessly with partners/other business houses, to connect securely with their back-end data systems and to transact and execute commerce successfully. Infinity offers arrays of B2B as well as B2C eSolutions that would cut costs and speed up communication (external and internal) with a highly convenient process.

Infinity constantly updates on the paradigm shift taking place in the e-business domain. We provide;

  • Path-breaking e-solutions that merge the standards ease and connectivity of the Internet with the core processes that are the foundation of the client's business
  • Interactive and transaction-intensive solutions that allow clients to operate business in the most productive and professional way

The eSolutions at Infinity can be generally categorized as either business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce.


B2B plays a decisive role in today's digital economy, as it facilitates the exchange of structured messages with other business partners either through the Internet or other private networks to generate and transform business relationships. The B2B e-solutions at Infinity;

  • Create customer driven value chains, host critical supply chain applications
  • Support cross enterprise collaboration to achieve "Synchronized Industry Coordination
  • Provide an open, reliable, flexible and a highly available and scalable environment that can deliver the maximum value to the customer, industry, or groups of customers and industries

B2B eSolutions at Infinity:

The salient features of the B2B integration at Infinity are;

  • Integration & Collaboration Orientation: allows partnership in inventory management, planning and scheduling
  • Enterprise application integration: enables incompatible legacy systems to integrate with the eMarket
  • Private Exchange Integration: improves the exchange and access facilities between partners
  • Industry Consortium: grants access to data, information and other resources among both internal and external partners in the industry
  • Security: provides proper authentication and authorization procedures for secure transaction
  • Scalability: gives the capability to handle vast data

Industry Solutions - enables implementation of strategies for industry verticals including finance, manufacturing, retail, utilities and telecom.


B2C provides the advantage of conducting business directly with the consumer (customer). From a market perspective, a business-to-consumer (B2C) site is just the end point of a business-to-business (B2B) to customer supply chain. Infinity's B2C eSolutions focus deeply on attracting potential prospects and converting them into customers, and then retaining them.

The ultimate goal of B2C eSolutions at Infinity is the conversion of visitors (shoppers) into buyers as assertively and consistently as possible.

The main features of B2C eSolutions at Infinity are;

  • Consolidation & Convergence: makes placing orders easier, facilitates economies of scale, and enables revitalized products to add value
  • Instant Communication: speeds up the "Time to Market"
  • Collaboration: allows real time exchange of information and help in collaborative processing
  • De-intermediation: removes the middleman and lets you reach the customers directly
  • Personalization: helps in building customer loyalty
  • Back-end-integration: simplify online payment and subscriptions systems

Infinity has the necessary expertise and experience to meet your B2B or B2C eSolution needs. Contact us to let our eSolutions make money for your business.